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Deflection is a new take on the classic breakout genre...

...Loaded with guns, bombs, multi-balls, lightning speed, one-ups, yields, and dangerous spikes!

It also includes an interesting twist: a paintball color coordination task that requires you to think a little and adds a brand new technique to your typical breakout skills!

Tips: the game starts with the icon definitions to help familiarize you with the gameplay.  Press 'R' to restart a level(though you will lose 1 life). Press 'S' to skip a level if you get too frustrated.  'Esc' will quit the game. 

Note: This game works only on PC computers.


Break the bricks, by ball, by gun or by bomb!

Use the paint brushes to change the color of the ball and pass through like colored barriers!

Bounce, shoot and blast your way to the checkers to complete each level!


Blow up structures to expose the checkers!


Watch a video of Deflection here.


Game development is tedious and time consuming. Donations are not required but are greatly appreciated.

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