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Diagono is a physics based puzzle/strategy game where you must arrange objects in each level to direct a falling ball into piano keys!

Simplistic mouse controls allow the user to quickly get playing without all the time and hassle of learning frustrating game techniques. This creates a universal experience for all ages and levels of gaming experience, from experts to the non-gamer.

Test your wits against 36 mind bending levels designed to challenge your brain and keep you on your toes! 

- Diagono also comes with an in-game Help menu that has a photo of every solution for every level! 

  This way, you can easily conquer those certain tricky levels. 

NOTE: This game currently only works for PC computers.


Use wedges to bounce the ball to the piano keys!


 Use fans to direct the ball!


Use warp portals to teleport to other areas!


Watch a video of Diagono here.


NOTE: This game currently ONLY works for PC computers!

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