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NOTE:  this game currently only works on PC computers.

Guide the Turquoise and Red stones through spikes and hazards to reach each other in each level!

Push sliding blocks to protect one another!

Use fuse switches to set off bombs to create new paths! 

Turquoise and red is a new kind of puzzle/strategy game with an ancient theme, story, and music. 

- 25 levels and 4 boss levels
- original string/flute music
- original story based on ancient Egyptian and Grecian gods.

Seteh has trapped Osiris and Isis in Turquoise and Red Jasper stones and separated them at the bottom of the evil Temples of Ombos. You must reconnect the stones in all of the temples to release Osiris and Isis from their prison and help restore balance to the universe.

tips: The game comes with a beginners tutorial so you can ease into the gameplay.  There is also a level select menu that you can use at any time to skip a level if you are stuck.  Press 'F4' to change screen size.  Press 'ESC' at any time to access the game menu.


Defeat Seteh, the god of destruction, in 4 exciting boss battles!

Watch a video of Turquoise and red here.


Game development is tedious and time consuming.  Donations are not required but are greatly appreciated.

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