Hi Guys! Thanks so much for visiting Everything Kris! I can’t tell you how much It means to share my journey with you! I live in sunny Southern California with my husband Andrew, two kiddos (Geronimo and Penelope), and our pup Zoe! I am a stay at home mom who has a love for interior design and we’ll get to that in a minute! I began this journey on Instagram  before my first child was born and I primarily used it as a platform to share my love for fashion and life as a new mother (and everything in between). The experience proved to be both empowering and beneficial as it connected me with so many incredible mothers out there who were sharing the same life experiences. I’ll be forever grateful for those relationships!.  

My love for Interior Design began very early as I would often catch myself envisioning what I would do with a particular space. It didn’t matter where I was! To this day my dad jokes about how every week he would walk into my room and it would be completely changed around, and if you ask my husband, not much has changed! My passion for interior design has changed over the years but it has only grown stronger and having our own place has provided a blank canvas for me to create and share with you. 

Interior Design has provided the next chapter in my journey and I can’t wait to see where this path leads! Thanks again for stopping by and joining in as our family grows and room by room we make this house our own! #HOMEbyKris