Hello Calming Laundry Room, Goodbye Dark and Gloomy Dungeon! This was the most neglected room in our home and now, I can’t wait to walk by and give it a glimpse! I wanted to squeeze in an attainable DIY home project before all the busy Fall festivities began! This renovation was inspired by new Champagne colored Samsung Smart Front Load Washer and Smart Dryer and I can’t wait to start the new season and use this place to find some serenity amidst the holiday madness!

Here is what the room looked like before our renovation! I still can’t believe this is the same space! To begin my design process I made the decision to have open shelving and get rid of the current cabinets that were wasting space and served only as a space for me to stuff extra linens in that were not being used! I knew this would force me to be more intentional about the items I would chose to bring into this space.


I teamed up with Samsung to create this peaceful laundry room and show off their brand new champagne colored appliances! They give my space the most stunning touch and much, much more! These bad boys go above and beyond by sending me text alerts when my cycles end and let me control everything right from my phone! I am pretty impressed guys! This Mama no longer is dreading the laundry, but learning to find solitude in this peaceful space!

IMG_6011 (4).jpg

My ultimate goal for this room was to create a space that pulled me in and made me feel happy to be there. I am pleased to say that I was able to accomplish this. For starters, I went with a bright white paint so it could compliment the Champagne color of my new Samsung Smart Front Load Washer and Smart Dryer! This color was is so stunning, I didn’t want to take any any attention away from it.


From there, I added light wood accents and some greenery to bring nature into the space. To keep things modern I topped this room off with some sleek black sconces.


As for those electrical outlets, I put some cute and more importantly functional accessories. Keeping the counters clutter free was a priority, so I carefully picked this trio out mainly to hide the ugly outlets and keep things simple.


Another key component was selecting artwork that I loved. I picked out a calming piece of artwork I could please my eyes with while I folded laundry!

IMG_5748 (1).jpg

I couldn’t be happier with my newly renovated space and can’t help but feel blessed to have the amazing technology that Samsung Smart Front Load Washer and Smart Dryer offer! In this modern world we live in I feel like Samsung has created this appliance with most current technology at hand! The Wi-Fi connectivity allows me to control appliances from anywhere on-the-go with my phone has all the convenient qualities like 30-minute wash cycles, steam cleaning abilities and super quite appliance that actually make a very soothing sound! I mean I don’t know how I can complain about doing laundry anymore!

This post was sponsored by Samsung, however all opinions are my own! I am so grateful to have this space to continue to share my thoughts and home progress! Thank you always for your support!



Our first major renovation turned out to be a huge success! This was the first time I started from scratch and picked out every detail of this space! I wanted to be timeless but this have a modern/mid-century feel about it. This bathroom is primary used by my kiddos, but it serves as a guest bathroom when we have visitors. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!


When I began envisioning this space I was debating between brass or black accents. Well, not hard to tell what I went with and I love how the Kingston Brass fixtures have given my space such an elegant touch!