This is what our bathroom looked like after all the tile was complete. I knew that I wanted to keep all the walls white, but as you could see something was missing. Then came the idea of shiplap! It was the perfect choice because it adds some texture to the room and doesn’t take away from the beautiful tile!




I couldn’t be happier with how my Shiplap wall turned out!

The process overall is super easy and doesn’t require a lot of tools or time. Once you get the first panel leveled out and attached to the wall, the rest is surprisingly simple!

Supplies You Need:

I highly recommend using the planks that are created for Shiplap. This reduces a lot of time spent trying to make sure the spacing looks even in between each plank! I can’t stress enough how much this makes the overall project look professionally done.

Make sure you measure each plank (before you cut) as walls are not likely to be the exact length or width throughout your space.

Once you’ve made your cut, just simply stack the plank on top of the last and use the nail gun to secure it to the wall. For additional hold, you can apply wood glue to the back of the plank before you set it (Tip: If you don’t own a nail gun or saw, you can rent them from your local hardware store like Home Depot). Once all the shiplap is up, you’ll apply putty to the nail holes and sand them down once the putty has dried completely. While the putty is drying, you can apply the caulk to the ends of the shiplap to cover the gaps and give it a finished look.

Once the nail holes are sanded and caulk applied, you’re just about done! Give the planks a good wipe down and apply your paint color of choice!

We also added wall hooks to our shiplap to have somewhere to hang our towels. They came with very small screws so for any of you who have kids like ours who like to yank and hang on things, I’d recommend adding a small amount of clear gorilla glue to add some extra security!